Thailand Guide: 3-4 days in Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui – the tropical paradise your heart is longing for – in the Gulf of Thailand.

No amount of time is never enough when you’re living in this dream world, but I have outlined the perfect 3-4 days, with a focus on relaxation and a touch of excitement.

Arrival in Koh Samui
The majority of people will arrive into Samui by plane.  It is a quick, 1 hour flight from Bangkok and less than 2 hours from Chiang Mai.  The airport is small and really quick to get through – important when all you want to do is get to the beach!

As your hotel about transportation options – some will offer shuttles or private cars at a very reasonable rate.  Taxis on the island are the most expensive I experienced in Thailand.

Where to Stay
There are so many options, I can’t even begin to answer this question.

The best hotel on the island accordingly locals (and from my own biased opinion) is the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui.

Although I don’t mind splurging every once in a while, luxury hotel stays are not always an option for me.  For this trip, we chose to stay at Coco Palm Beach Resort, which is located on a quiet part of the island (exactly what I was looking for).  If you’re interested in something more central, I would recommend anything close to Chaweng Beach.

Day One – Arrival and Relaxation
You’re on an island in Thailand!  At this point, I had a couple of “I can’t believe I’m in Thailand” moments.

Take your first day on the island to just relax by the pool or beach.  Get some sun, grab a cocktail and enjoy the blissful peace.

Not one to lay around?  See if your hotel offers any water sports/activities so you can be active while still enjoying the beautiful day.

Day Two – Check out Chaweng
After a morning of beach time, head over to Chaweng Market for a little afternoon shopping, dinner and nightlife.

Our resort offered a complimentary shuttle to Chaweng daily.  Although we found it a little tricky to find the market to begin with (see more about that here), it was a great place to stroll around.  The market is quite touristy, but depending on how long you’ve already been in Thailand, it may be the taste of home that you need.

The street is lined with shops filled with souvenirs to bring home to friends.

When you get hungry, you can check out the Night Market for some authentic Thai food, or try one of the many restaurants that are along the main road.

After dinner, check out a Lady Boy show before heading back to your hotel.

Day Three – Snorkelling and Kayaking at Angthong National Park
This three-part activity is one of the most popular things to do from Samui and for good reason.  Taking in the views of the national park from a speedboat will be sure to leave lasting memories.

The tour includes an hour of snorkelling, a climb up to the blue lagoon, an authentic Thai lunch and kayaking around the “James Bond” rock.

Be aware that, as this is popular, it certainly is not exclusive. There are quite a few boats that follow the same itinerary and although they do their best to stagger their arrivals, there will be points where the number of people are overwhelming.

Want more information?  Visit my articles Kayaking in Thailand and Snorkeling with a crowd in Thailand.

Day Four – One last day of Relaxation or Off to the next Destination
Depending on your itinerary, try to spend a fourth day in Koh Samui finalising your sun tan.  If you have a chance, a relaxing massage on the beach will be the cherry on top of a perfect holiday.

Once you do need to leave the island, head back to the airport.  There are plenty of shops to wander through before going to your gate, but you really don’t need to worry about spending too much time there.  The departure process is nearly as simple as the arrival.

Planning a trip to Thailand?  I hope I was able to help a little!

For more information on Thailand, click here.  Have a great trip and let me know what magic you find!


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