That time Mom and I did a bar hop in Chiang Mai…

While in Chiang Mai, mom and I did a mini pub-crawl through the Nimman district.  After eating all day in cooking school (see more about that here), we decided to just have some casual drinks instead of dinner.

As always when I drink, dinner was soon to follow, but that’s another article.

Staying in the Nimman District of Chiang Mai, there are a huge variety of cafes, restaurants and bars to enjoy – just walk up and down the side streets.


This is what we stumbled across….

Stop 1: Living Machine
The drink: Sangsom Sour
The price:
60B (approx $1.75US)
The music: gangster rap
The crowd: 100% locals (aside from us).  Most of the staff didn’t speak English.
Recommendation:  Go here.  The drinks were good, the atmosphere good and it always feels nice to feel like a local when you’re travelling.

Stop 2: Mirror
The drink: Gin Fizz
The price: 100B (approx $2.90US)
The music: Thai
The crowd: Mostly locals. Again, most of the staff spoke little English.
Recommendation: Worth a try for a quick drink.  They also have a full food menu, but we didn’t pay much attention to that!

Stop 3: Move Up
Located on the main Nimman Road, this bar was definitely more touristy.  To be honest, we actually meant to go to At Nine (stop 4), but felt bad once someone sat us.  We ordered a gin & tonic, but they ran out on gin so we left (how does that even happen?).

Stop 4: At Nine 
The drink: some vodka slushie thing (it was awful, we didn’t finish them).
The price: 95B (approx $2.90US)
The music: Some Arcade Fire, some Vance Joy.
The crowd: tourists.
Recommendation: Don’t bother.  We chose the cheapest thing on the menu, but overall the prices are very high for Thailand.  This bar is SUPER touristy.  It’s really not worth your time when there are so many good places around.

Stop 5: Why Not?
At this point, we got a little hungry.  After cooking Thai food all day we opted to eat some Italian instead.  A full restaurant review is upcoming.

The drink: Pinot Grigio
The price: 190B (approx $5.50US)
The atmosphere: Great Italian food with indoor and outdoor seating.
Recommendation: If you’re craving a little taste of home after too many Thai meals (yes, this happens) I would only tell you to go to Why Not.  The food was so incredibly good we ended up there twice.

Overall, a fun night with mom.  Try it for yourself and let me know what happens!



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