Stockhome Hostel on Review

Location: Ayutthaya, Thailand

Price: 253B per night (approx. $8US), 6-bed dorm

As you know, I am pretty thorough with my hostel hunt and, as this was my only hostel on my Thailand trip, I was a bit more cautious.

Ayutthaya is a quiet town an hour from Bangkok, so I was never expecting anything too busy or exciting.  I also traveled during the rainy season, which needs to be taken into account.


Now for my thoughts….
Location: pretty darn good.  Located only a 5 minute walk from the Historic Park, staying here allowed me to see countless temples and ruins without having to rent a bike or driver.  There are also plenty of restaurants around, giving some good variety.

Style and Cleanliness: The hostel is quite modern and new, which aesthetically works for me.  Although clean, they definitely have some issues with drainage, but overall they met my high standards.

Staff and service: Although nice enough, I did not find the staff overly friendly or enthusiastic.  They answered any questions I had, but were not flowing with information or suggestions.

Social: There is a hostel next door that has a nice bar/ restaurant (Junk House), which is where I sit as I write this.  The bar draws a local crowed and has live music every night.  There is also a new hostel opening on the other side.  Bottom line, this place has all of the makings for a social environment, but somehow misses the mark.  Maybe it’s because it’s in a quiet town, or because I was there in the slower season, but I found socialization hard, which is normally not a problem for me.

I’ll leave you to make up your mind based on all of the above.  Do I regret staying here? Definitely not.  Would I go back again?  I’m honestly not sure.

For more information on how I choose a Hostel, click here.

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