Pretending we can cook at Thai Farm Cooking School

Cooking Pad Thai in Chiang Mai…

Anyone visiting Thialand does a cooking class – It’s a tourist classic.  But if you’re not doing it with Thai Farm Cooking School then you’re doing it wrong.

The Course Details

Cost: 1300B per person (approx. $40US)


  • Pick-up at your hotel.
  • Quick stop at Ruamchook Market for a quick education on Thai Food.
  • Arrival at the cooking school where you wander around their organic garden with your instructor learning more about Thai produce.
  • Cooking and eating of so much food you’ll need to take multiple naps.
  • Drop-off back to your hotel.
  • All food and drinking water.

Group size: maximum 10 people per class.  The farm is actually quite large and can accommodate up to 5 classes at a time, but the classrooms are far apart and it really does feel like a private cooking experience.

What to wear/bring: wear whatever you’re comfortable in.  Your clothes may get a little dirty, but the apron provided will cover most of it.  Comfortable shoes and mosquito repellent are a must.

What we cooked

Before entering the market, we were asked to select the food we would like to make.  There are five courses total;

Curry – Red curry (made by me), Green curry (made by mom).  Alternative option is yellow curry.

Stir Fry – with cashew nuts (me), Sweet & Sour (mom). Alternative option is a basil stir fry.

Soup – Coconut Milk (me), Tom Yam (mom).

Noodles – Spring Rolls (we both chose this) or Pad Thai (we ate the instructors).

Dessert: Mango with sticky Rice (me), Banana in coconut milk (mom).

 All options came with a choice of proteins (chicken, prawns

and tofu).

Why you should do it

In a travel itinerary filled with seeing temples and laying on the beach, our day cooking was a wonderful way to actually DO something.  It was fun, informative and interactive.

The staff were all really friendly and the group was small.

The food is fool-proof and so delicious.

In the end, they give you a detailed cook book (for those of us who need a recipe just to fry an egg).

My only feedback is that there is simply too much food.  I would have been happy to pay the same price and cooked half the portions.  Although the school will allow you to take uneaten food home, they discourage it for food safety reasons.

In the end, this was one of our most enjoyable days inThailand.  If you’re in Chiang Mai make sure to make this a priority.


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