Snorkelling with a crowd in Thailand

The last time I snorkelled was in Iceland and I think I explained in a previous blog how much I enjoyed it.

Since then, however, I’ve focused on diving – something I always wanted to do, but never did until I moved to Dubai.

While in Koh Samui, Thailand my mom and I decided to try snorkelling again – Mom isn’t PADI certified and it made more sense to do something together.

The trip was part of a full-day Angthong National Park excursion.

As we knowingly went to Thailand during the rainy season, it was not surprising that visibility was only at 70%. The rain from the night before had stirred up the sea floor.

Even with the low visibility, however, there were tones of fish. Schools upon schools of them.

My only feedback, and the downside of the trip as a whole, was the sheer number of tourists. When we arrived, there was only one boat of people also snorkelling. By the time we left there were 6.
My advice (for whatever it’s worth) is to try to do something more private.

Adventures aren’t as fun when there are hundreds of other people trying to enjoy them with you.


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