Kayaking in Thailand (a tale of not hurting ourselves or others in the process)

I am not an active person. I have never been “sporty”.

My first kayaking experience was in Dubrovnik, Croatia and I thought to myself “I kind of like this”.

Fast forward 15 months to my mother and I in Thailand. Specifically, we’re on Ko Phaluai.  According to our guide,  Leo filmed  scenes from The Beach here, although I have found no evidence on Google to back that up.

The activity was part of a day-long tour that we did of Antong National Marine Park.
10 Things I thought while kayaking:

  1. How do you get into this thing?
  2. We’re definitely going to get into a fight.
  3. This is a nice view.
  4. Oh my, we’re going to hit that other kayak.
  5. Why does this thing keep veering to the right?
  6. But this view…
  7. Ok, crossing this big part of open water, let’s try not to get hit by a boat.
  8. We’re actually pretty good at this.
  9. My arms hurt
  10. We didn’t fight!

The overall experience was quite fun. Mom and I didn’t hurt each other or anyone else, which is cause for celebration.

As a running theme for the entire day, our boat managed to get to the island relatively early. There was a slight wait for the kayaks while previous groups finished, but it wasn’t a huge deal. By the time we left, however, more boats had pulled in and there was an overflow of people – travel experiences are never as much fun when you have to share them with hundreds of other people.

Final thoughts – I would do this again. Plus I found my athletic calling. 2020 Olympics here I come!


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