Is this it? Trying to find Chaweng Market

Being lost in a foreign country isn’t exactly fun. You can fool yourself into thinking it’s an adventure for a little bit, but as the sun gets hotter and the weather more humid, the whole experience is no longer whimsicle.

When the complimentary hotel shuttle dropped us off in front of Central Festival, I was feeling fairly confident.

Having done some minor research, I knew that the Chaweng hotspot was close to the mall, so the location made sense. After walking around for a little, however, things started to feel dismal. There was no indication of the market anywhere and a quick stroll along the road was less than impressive.

With no internet connection (gasps), we decided to go back into the mall – at least it felt a little more civilized there.

So let me cut to the chase tell you where you need to go in Chaweng. Hopefully my misfortune will make your life a little easier.

1. When in Central Festival, walk in the direction behind the ‘Samui’ sign.

2. Know that the mall is much larger than it looks. Just keep walking.

3. At the very end of the mall, you will reach the main road.

That is it! Seems pretty easy – so why couldn’t we find it?!

The market is primarily shopping, and less of a food market.  The streets are lined with shops and spas. There are plenty of restaurants and the food market (honestly quite small) is also accessible.

Shotty map below to help!  Follow the pink dots!

Check back soon to get some restaurant and bar recommendations in the area!


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