Tuk Tuk-ing my way through Ayutthaya 

Wherever you look in Ayutthaya, there is a tuk tuk. These small, 6-passenger vehicles serve like taxis to the locals and tour buses to those visiting the historic city.

Although seen as a tourist trap by some, I found these little vessels an authentic way to travel around the outer ring of the city.

200B (currently around $7US) per hour.

There are drivers near the bus and train stations that will try and charge more, but 200B is a fair price to pay. The price is per vehicle, making it a really great option for groups travelling together.

The cost per hour includes the time you spend in each attraction, so if I wasn’t overly interested in a specific place, I tried to keep my time there short.

Benefits and notes 

Your driver. More than likely your driver will speak little English, so don’t expect a fully guided tour. For the price, however, you get a local driver who will take you to all of the main sites and wait while you enjoy them.

Customized itineraries. You driver will be happy to make suggestions, but if you really want to go somewhere (or really don’t want to go somewhere) you have that advantage.

Entry is extra. The cost to enter a Wat in Ayutthaya ranges from 20B-50B depending on the size and popularity. Additional attractions, such as the Floating Markets come at their own price.
Looking back

For me, this was a really great way to see the outer part of Ayutthaya. Although I was happy to walk through the inner portion of the Historical Park, I am not well coordinated or balanced. I am even worse with directions so taking a bike or scooter was not a realistic option for me.

I really enjoyed getting to relax between temples, feel the breeze in my hair and see the city from the back of this strange little vehicle.


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