Wander onto the Floating Market of Ayutthaya 

How adorable.

Located on the outskirts if the city of Ayutthaya, Thailandis a cute floating market, filled with delicious food and casual shopping.

Unlike other floating markets, trading in Ayutthaya does not happen from boat to boat, but from permanent shops that are floating on the water.  I happened upon the market as a suggestion by my tuk tuk driver and was disappointed that I didn’t spend more time there.
Ticket price was 300B (currently approx. $9US) and includes the following;

  • Boat ride through the market (approx 7 minutes long);
  • Daily shows about Thai culture and history;
  • Access to the stalls;
  • And an animal show (I personally didn’t take part in for moral reasons).

Overall, this was a really nice way to spend part of my day.  Travelling with only a carry-on, I couldn’t afford the weight of any big purchases, but thoroughly enjoyed seeing what the local vendors had to offer.
Once I was done, my tuk tuk driver was waiting for me and we continued onwards in our explorations.


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