Zipping through DXB – Why you need Marhaba service

After a long day at work my vacation had finally arrived. Problem was I still had to battle DXB – a hot and cold airport that may take 10 minutes to get from baggage drop to your gate one day, and two hours the next.

Luckily I have friends in high places (thank you again, you know who you are) and a trial of Marhaba‘s departure Silver service was arranged for me.

On arrival at the airport, a lovely lady from Belarus was holding my name on a sign board. I think this is the first time in my life this has happened so already exciting.

The Marhaba agents have strongly built relationships with the airport staff – from check-in agents to immigration officers, allowing us to bypass check- in lines and travellers who still can’t remember to take of their belts before passing through the metal detectors.

To be honest, in my case the service was slightly unnecessary. The airport wasn’t overly busy and I probably saved about 10 minutes having my guide with me.

That being said, I would take the gamble again. The security of knowing your airport experience will be smooth is worth it. As I’ve said before, I hate airports, but I think this experience has helped me hate them a little less.

Things to note:

1. I am not sponsored by Marhaba in any way.

2. Upgrading to Gold service will provide you with lounge access and an escort to your plane once boarding begins.

3. Marhaba also offers arrival service, where you are met from the plane and brought all the way to your car.


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