Why you have to love Toronto Summers

My home city of Toronto comes alive in the summer.  As the last spring rain falls and the first glimmer of warm, sunny days appears the city becomes the bright, vibrant metropolis I have grown to love.

Peter and I were lucky enough to take a trip home this July, re-sparking my love affair with the city.  There are so many things to love about Toronto.  Here are a few of my favourites;

Summer Patios. Toronto embraces patio season.  Lunch breaks, after work and on weekends people are always outside having a meal or a cold drink.  There is always a new place to be, but don’t forget the old faithfuls. Black Bull, The Drake, Hemingways.

Blue Jays games.  I need to be clear – I was a Jays fan before they started doing well last season.  Before moving to London, I was going to 1-3 games a week when they were playing at home.  There is nothing like the open roof of the Skydome (Roger’s Centre), a nice cold beer, and the fun of watching live baseball.

Click here to see the game schedule and buy tickets.

Lake Days.  Be it a day in The Beach, or a stroll in my local lake-side park, spending time on Lake Ontario (or any of the lakes surrounding Toronto) is a momentary escape from reality.  For even more lake-time fun, visit one of the Toronto Islands.

Backyard BBQs.  There is nothing better than getting family and friends together for some outdoor fun.  The sound of meat sizzling, beers being cracked open and casual conversation is one of the things I miss most about home.

If you have never been to Toronto, you need to add it to your travel bucket list.  If you live in Toronto, you need to count yourself lucky.  I know that I have left for now, but I will be back – this will always be my number one city.


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