Lush Life – My favourite London drinking holes.

So many options and so little time.  Even after two years, I have barely taken a bit (or a sip) out of the London drinking scene.  I did have a good time trying though.

Below are my favourite places to grab a drink and catch up with friends.  In alphabetical order because I can’t choose between them;

Terrace Tonic, Rooftop Blossom & Private Eye
Photo Credit: Madison London

Madison – This is a really obvious choice, but for me the views from the Madison are like no other.  Being that my favourite London landmark is St. Paul’s Cathedral (I honestly still don’t know why), this hot-spot hits the mark for me.  Tips: Get there early to get a good seat and be prepared to spend some cash!

Although it’s a comparable option, I really wouldn’t recommend Radio.  The views are incredible, but the snooty staff leave something to be desired.

Mr. Fogg’s Residence–  Inspired by the classic Around the
World in 80 Days,
this bar is made to look like “The residence of the eccentric British adventurer”.  For me, a good theme always adds a little fun to your evening drink.  A reservation is almost always essential and a strong recommendation can be made for their Tipsy (Afternoon) Tea.

The Warwick – Quiz nights and drool-worthy food!
Located in Pimlico, this is the place to be on a Sunday night.  The baked camembert is to die for and although I am TERRIBLE at pub quizzes (I mean actually the worst), I always had so much fun at this place.  Try it out and tell me you don’t love it.  I dare you.

Wonderground – When I first moved to London,

Photo Credit: Underbelly

Wonderground had opened for its first Underbelly festival.  Nestled behind the London Eye, the area is now open year-round, featuring twinkling carnival nights in the summer and cozy Rekorderlig Cider Lodge in the winter.  There is so much pixie dust sprinkled around this place I get butterflies just thinking about it.



Honourable Mentions  For the seasonal and less official drinking spots…

St JamesSt. Jame’s Park – Ok, not technically a “drinking hole”, Birdbut for those of you who didn’t know, it’s legal to drink alcohol in London Parks!  There is nothing better than grabbing a bottle of wine (or two… OK three!) with some friends and spending the afternoon in the rare London sunshine.  Although I have tried my share of parks – Green Park, Hyde Park, Hampstead to name a few – there is a magic
to St. James Park that makes me smile.  Perhaps it’s the birds that I was convinced are from the time of the dinosaurs.

Winter Wonderland – Love. Love. Love.  Although only open November-January, Winter Wonderland offers so many options to grab a drink and then awkwardly try to win a giant bear from a carnival game.  TBH, this was the location of my first date with Peter, so I may be biased, but I really think it’s worth a visit.  Tips: go during a weekday evening as the place is filled with children on weekends.  A special shout-out to the Carousel Bar.

The Rose & Crown – certainly not the best pub in London and in no way one I would suggest you go out of your way for, but The Rose & Crown was my local watering hole for years.  It has undergone new management since I was last there, but I’m sure they could have only made it better. Hosting a wealth of leaving do’s, birthday parties and generally sloppy nights, I would be amiss to leave this off the list.


One thought on “Lush Life – My favourite London drinking holes.

  1. St. James Park is a great suggestion : ) I didn’t realise it was illegal to drink in parks in other parts of the world! I guess that makes sense though now I think about it.

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