Good morning from an Icelandic horse.

In the cold hours of a January Icelandic morning, I – a very uncoordinated and innactive person – hoisted myself onto a horse and rode through the lava fields as the sun was rising.

I had never been horseback riding before.  There is something about horses that have always scared me.  It probably has something to do with the fact that my aunt’s nose was broken by a pony when I was young, sparking my greatest fear inlife – breaking my own nose.

When I made it to Iceland I figured it was time to get on the saddle.  To be fair, Icelandic horses are pretty small, so it all worked quite well for me.

As with all my tours in Iceland, this one was arranged through Arctic Adventures.

8:00AM – Pick-up at my hostel.  Keeping in mind that this was January in Iceland, it was still pitch black outside.

9:00AM – Arrival at the farm.  Everyone was given a brief orientation and asked to complete a waiver. We were then invited to place our items in storage and gear-up for our ride.  Suits and helmets were provided as part of the activity.

9:30AM – Meeting your horse.  Needless to say mine was rambuctious.  I think we understood each other though.  After a tricky mount (again, uncoordinated) we patiently waited for the rest of the group.

10:30AM – Off we rode.  It was an easy trail and perfect forfirst-timers.  There were a few guides from the farm who made sure we were all ok.  My horse always wanted to gallop and always wanted to pass the other horses even though we were riding single-file.  In all honesty, he rides like I drive.

The ride lasted for two hours.  To be honest, it was cold and although I was happy to get back into the warm farmhouse, I am so happy I did this activity.  It is not one of the most popular in Iceland, but I still feel at peace thinking about it now.  That sunrise.


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