A night away in Fujairah

Living in Dubai is great – don’t get me wrong – but sometimes you just need to escape the bright lights and traffic.  An so, Peter and I took a quick trip to Fujairah.

The Drive – a little long considering we only went for one night.  Pete had to work that day, so we left once his shift finished.  We failed to beat the traffic out to Sharjah, so the drive was over 2 hours.  Nothing some good music didn’t fix though.

Quick tip – make sure you fill up on gas before you leave since there is a long stretch of road without a petrol station.

The Radisson Blu

We stayed at the Radisson Blu Fujiarah.  This was a same-day booking and the hotel fit our budget while still meeting my desire for a good Booking.com review.

Fujairah is beautiful.  I had been once before on a diving trip.  The unobstructed views, lack of construction (a luxury living in Dubai) and mountain landscape make it a must-visit destination if you’re living in the UAE or visiting Dubai for an extended period of time.

The Room – On arrival, we were upgraded to a Deluxe Room (always appreciated) and although the sea-view was questionable, all of the basic necessities were there.  On the negative, there was a birthday cake in the room when neither of us were celebrating our birthday.  Although I am always a fan of free food, it was unclear how long ago the cake was delivered so we figured it better to leave it alone!

The Food – For both dinner and lunch the following day, we dined at Grand Bleu – casual, beach-side dining.  The food was nothing to write home about, but the staff were friendly and the beer was cold. Besides, there is nothing better than hearing the waves roll.

For breakfast, I ate at Breeze restaurant where they offer a full buffet and live egg station.  For someone who loves breakfast, this does not make my top 10, but I also didn’t starve.

The Entertainment – There wasn’t a whole lot to do at night.  The resort provided a DJ near the pool area for part of the evening, which provided entertaining if only to watch the other guest’s dance.  After a shisha and a drink, however, the place felt a little dead.

The pools during the day were nice.  There is no lounge-side service and it was a very hot day, so constant trips to the bar to get a water or soft drink were necessary.

The Spa – As a late check-out was not available, we decided to use the spa facilities to freshen up before our long journey back home.  One word – no.  The entire place made me feel uneasy, with dirty floors and a strange jacuzzi in the middle of an empty room.  Although the shower was necessary, it was certainly not enjoyable.

In the end, our time was enjoyable and although I would probably try a different property in future, our little night away was certainly memorable.


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