Edinburgh: Fringe Fesitval and Ghosts Sightings

My sister moved to Edinburgh a couple of months before I moved to London.

After she jaunted through Europe, I met up with her for a quick rendezvous in Scotland.

In my opinion, the trip from London to Edinburgh is done best by train from Kings Cross. It takes longer than flying (5hours vs. 1.5hours), but you avoid the airport  headache I wrote about earlier, and get a great view along the way.

I stayed at my sister’s flat once in Edinburgh so I, unfortunately, don’t have any hotel recommendations this time around.

Even in the height of summer, Scotland is quite chilly.   It was quite a surprise coming from balmy London with a bag full of summer dresses.  It was August and even then I needed to purchase an autumn jacket and have a hot coffee in my hand!

Fringe Festival

If you have a chance to be in Edinburgh during Fringe, don’t think twice.  There are so many things to do and see that it’s worth taking a look at the schedule before hand before the most popular events sell out.

On the high side was an incredibly  entertaining show BRIEFS – a risky, entertaining and jaw-droppingly impressive Australian production.

On the low side was a free comedy show. There were 5 people watching and it was the most painful thing I have ever sat through.  Thankfully the universe was on our side and 30 minutes in the fire alarm went off.

Ghost Tours!

I am a huge fan of the paranormal, so when I heard that Edinburgh offered a walking ghost tour I signed right up.

Operated by City of the Dead, the tour was grasping and historically informative. The highlight was the tour of the underground vaults that gave me goosebumps and shivers.

Costing only £10 and leaving from Mile Road, this is a must-do while in Edinburgh.

The rest of our trip focused on a graveyard search of Harry Potter inspiration and a highlands journey to find the Lochness Monster.  More to come on that another time.


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