Oman – A Diving Experience

I learned how to dive as soon as I moved to Dubai.  It’s something I always wanted to learn to do, but never seemed practical while I was living in Toronto and London.  After moving to a new and warmer destination, I figured I should give it a chance.  I got my PADI certification as quickly as I could – and then work and life got busy.  A year flew by, and I hadn’t even picked up my certification card from the dive center.

My trip to Oman came up after my former diving instructor likes a post of mine on Facebook. I figured it was a sign that I should dive again.

The dive trip was arranged by Nemo Diving Center.  The boat left out of Dibba, Oman and was in decent condition – far from luxury, but good enough for a group of 20-somethings in dripping scuba gear.

A quick play-by-play before you lose interest.

  • The Oman border is quite tiny, yet I don’t doubt it’s security.  A full inspection was done of the car (inside and out) and then we were permitted to enter.
    • Tip: You must arrange your visitor visa ahead of time and don’t forget your passport.
    • Fun Fact: The second you enter Oman your cellphone network changes.  I don’t know how it happens so quickly, but send out those last messages before your 3G disappears.
  • 6:00AM my friend picked me up and we made the two-hour journey to Dibba, Oman.
  • Once onboard, we assembled our gear and tried to brave the mid-July Arabian heat.  There were a couple of late-comers who delayed the trip a bit.
    • Tip: Don’t be those people!
  • The journey to Musandam was long.  I left my phone in the car, but I’d estimate between 2-2.5 hours.  In the end it was worth it, but I wish I had known so I could have brought a book!
  • Dive #1 – Approx. 40 minutes.  The underwater life was quite impressive (keeping in mind I’ve only ever gone diving in Dubai and Fujairah).  I won’t pretend to be an expert on the sea, but there were tonnes of fish to keep us entertained.
  • Lunch provided on-board was quite good and there were unlimited bottles of water and soft-drinks to enjoy throughout the day.
  • Dive #2 – Approx. 40 minutes.  Located at a cave approximately 1.5 hours from the original dive site.  There wasn’t as much wildlife, but swimming under the bridges of rock was something to be excited about.
  • 18:30 – we finally made it back to land.  The day was wonderful, but exhausting so make sure you go into it with a lot of energy!  The crossing back into the UAE took about 30 minutes and once we were finally back on the road all I could think about was taking a shower and getting into bed.


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