#TBT-My First Time Visiting London

The first time I went to London was in October 2012.  I had been in Rome for work and my mother met me afterwards for a mini Euro-Trip.  London was was the last stop on our tour.

The city stole my heart from day one.

London 2012

Everything about London made my knees weak and my heart flutter with excitement – I still can’t explain it.  The city, the people, the culture just consumed me.

I clearly remember turning to my mom and saying “I could live here”.  She agreed that she could too.  At the time, it seemed impossible – I was in a long-term relationship, had a full-time job and as much as I loved to travel, never imagined calling  any place other than Toronto “home”.

Things change quite quickly in life though and 8 months later I was boarding a flight with a UK work visa in my hand – scared shitless and taking a big leap of faith.  More to come of that next Thursday.


3 thoughts on “#TBT-My First Time Visiting London

  1. What a wonderful story ! I was also fascinated by the pulsing UK’s capital and lived there for 2 years – though I got a bit disillusioned about its hustle and bustle and moved out, I still think it is a charming metropolis !

    Check out my post about London, if you like 😊


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